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4 Wedding Planner Tricks to Steal


Planning a wedding is one of the most important management jobs you’ll ever take on. A professional wedding planner can help make the day go smoothly, but if you decide to DIY your planning, here are a few tactics you can borrow form a seasoned Wedding Planner.


Connect With a Rental Company. Professional wedding planners don’t hoard wedding items; they rent most of what they need to create the look they want. Everything from tents to outdoor heating units, tables and chairs, plates and glasses, and dance floors. The rental stores provide the wedding industry with everything from basic to luxury items.

You can rent the same items yourself through a rental store. There are many event rental stores in the DC area giving you limitless possibilities. The only thing holding you back really is your budget. However, even on a small budget, you can always enhance or elevate an event by working with a rental company.


Wedding Planners use their organizational skills to ensure weddings run smoothly despite any surprises that come up. You can use many of the same tricks to help you manage the many details that go into a wedding, including:

Create an Inspiration Board. Gathering your color selections, theme elements and inspirations in one place can help your decision-making process by allowing you to visualize the various possible combinations. For example, not sure which floral arrangement will look best for your centerpieces? Refer back to your inspiration board and see which of your options best matches your look.

Manage Your Budget. The wedding budget can be the most difficult piece to manage, so be certain to talk it over with your spouse before you sign any contracts. Set a budget and use a budget worksheet to help you manage ant track your costs.

Work Your Networks. Professional wedding planners have networks of vendors to choose from. You can also network to find vendors for your wedding. Ask family, friends and colleagues for recommendations. Speak with couples whose wedding you recently attended to see who they recommend. Another trick is when you find a wedding vendor who you really connect with, ask them for recommendations to other quality wedding pros. Then, check out their websites and reviews on social media to get an idea with their work.

No doubt, planning a wedding can be challenging and rewarding. But, with a few tricks borrowed from a professional planner, you can create the wedding of your dreams!


Merlyn (Mimi) Perez

Is the Lead Planner and Owner of A Bride's BFF. She lives for all things weddings and is a self-proclaimed organizing junkie--acquiring the endearing title of “The Latina Martha Stewart” from those that know her best. During her downtime you can find her baking, crafting or reading her favorite lifestyle blogs and magazines; and spending embarrassing amounts of time combing through The Container Store and Office Depot!

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