The Logistics of Your Wedding–What are They?

When people hear the term logistics, they often think of FedEx or military operations. But, the actual definition of logistics is the planning, execution, and control of the procurement, movement, and stationing of personnel, material, and other resources to achieve the objectives of a campaign, plan or project.

In this sense of the word, logistics would describe any effort that requires some prior planning. When you sit down to plan a party and work out how many cups you need, where you’ll put the chairs, and what time you’ll start cooking, you are working out the logistics, a.k.a. the necessary details.

If you’ve ever helped with planning anyone else’s wedding or any have experience planning big parties, then you already know that almost every single thing will take more time than you expected and that YOU WILL encounter hiccups somewhere along the way. Lucky for you, people like us who specialize in Wedding Coordination, are all about the logistics! From vendor confirmations, to figuring out the right timing for hair and makeup, to knowing how much seating you need for cocktail hour; planners take the guesswork out of the process, making the wedding day flow as seamlessly and smooth as possible. Our job is literally to coordinate everything involved on the day of the event, from load-in and load-out, to ensuring that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do, and that everything is where it’s supposed to be.

We get it, planning out the logistics for a dinner party for 10 guest is fun (for most people). Setting out the table, making sure the food is ready on time, checking on the music, making sure everything goes smoothly is some people’s jam…but it isn’t manageable with 150 people who all just want to talk to you and take photos with you. You’ll want to be a gracious host on your wedding day and you’ll want your family and friends to enjoy themselves too. Leave it up to someone else to keep everything running smoothly and then box everything up for you at the end of the night.

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Merlyn (Mimi) Perez

Is the Lead Planner and Owner of A Bride's BFF. She lives for all things weddings and is a self-proclaimed organizing junkie--acquiring the endearing title of “The Latina Martha Stewart” from those that know her best. During her downtime you can find her baking, crafting or reading her favorite lifestyle blogs and magazines; and spending embarrassing amounts of time combing through The Container Store and Office Depot!

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