Coordination PLUS Planning

Full-on professional wedding planning can be expensive! And it’s not like nowadays with wedding blogs, DIY books, and the internet, couples can’t plan their own weddings. But, while most couples are very capable of doing the major planning for the wedding themselves, many of you could still benefit from the advice and guidance of a wedding expert at different points along the way. With our Coordination PLUS Planning package, you will have a personal guide and advisor throughout the planning process, to provide ongoing assistance for your questions and concerns–at the right time! Because the worst feeling in the world is agonizing over making a bad decision, and not having anyone to consult with. What’s more, we only include the most awesome and (truly necessary) services to get you un-stuck when you need it, and guide you along the magical journey of planning your first ever enormous shindig as a couple! (with minimal casualties).


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“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”